Patriot Hybrid

NEW red, white and blue! The Patriot Hybrid gets its name from the ability to have red, white and blue kernels all on the same ear of corn. The seed you plant will be white or blue but come fall you will have beautiful patriotic ears of corn great for decoration.

114 days
Plant height
Medium to shorter statured with a lower ear placement than T1143J
Plant health
Excellent with good tolerance to most leaf diseases
Above average with great root and stalk strength
Shuck cover
Grain quality
Medium kernel size with solid test weight. A mixture of red, white, and blue kernels
Ear type
Long ears with 14-16 kernel rows
We recommend giving these plants plenty of space 8-10”. This is to help ensure you have nice, large ears of corn with kernels filled all the way to the tip at harvest for fall decorating.